FDD certificate preparation with OCUP certificates?

Dear all,

I plan to go for the FDD certificates at mid-year and would like to know what you think of passing the OCUP exams as a kind of preparation for the FDD cert. Look at OCUP for more information. However I will definitely go for FDD but depending on what you say here, I may decide not to do any of the OCUP certifications.

So, maybe some of you know about the OCUP and can give me a clearer picture.


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No need for UML training

There's no need to get UML training before the FDD course - everything you need to know about it will be covered.

And on a general note - we only use class diagrams and sequence diagrams, and only a (very small) subset of the "full" UML is all you'll need. Honest. Given that it takes about 5 minutes to learn this subset of the notation I don't see much point in a UML course (unless you really really want the certificate).


Thanks Paul for your response

Thanks Paul for your response. Personally I also have strong doubts about the OCUP certificates.