New to FDD

I have been using RUP for the past 3 years and have joined a company that uses FDD. My problem is, I do not know how to approach FDD. I tried reading documents from nebulon web site but I am still not clear.

Can you use UML in FDD ? If yes which diagrams would you use in different stages ?

What actions or steps will you take when you
1. Plan by Feature
2. Design by Feature
3. Build by Feature

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Intro to FDD

If you've not already done so I suggest you read Chapter 6. Feature-Driven Development in the book Java Modeling in Color with UML. The entire book is worth a read, but this chapter is outstanding. It's also freely available from Peter Code's website ( -- there is a link to a PDF file of Chapter 6. Feature-Driven Development under publications).

I think this may be the first widely published reference to FDD, and may also be the most useful. It's concise and complete. I find myself referring back to it frequently. As you'll no doubt notice from the title, FDD and UML are complementary, and the chapter on FDD should provide basic answers to your questions.

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Good advice, but make sure yo

Good advice, but make sure you use the latest process descriptions from this site and not those in Chapter 6 of the JMCU book.

FYI - Chapter 6 of the JMCU was the first widely published reference to FDD.

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Yes the UML is used for Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams.


You might find the Agile Modeling site,, to be of interest as it describes how to take an agile approach to modeling and documentation.

- Scott

Someone asks about FDD info a

Someone asks about FDD info and your answer is to direct them to a different method. Your method.

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modelling approach

I don't think agile modelling fits within FDD - it's an alternative methodology.

If you want to extract just the modelling part of it, it doesn't seem to fit well either. FDD doesn't change the model shape once it's done. It just adds detail. But then the agile modelling stuff is pretty vague, so it's hard to tell, but it does seem to advocate an XP like approach to modelling - do a bit, then change it, then change it some more.