Feature Driven Software Development (FDSD) book finally out

Well guys, my book is finally out and most of the chapter sections that I mentioned in my post several months ago are available for preview online at the publisher's website - www.in-the-trenches.com

Here are the links to the actual sections:

- UP, XP, FDD & Feature Driven Software Development

- Project & Configuration Management with Feature Driven Software Development

- The Critical Path & the Multi-Dimensional Feature Set

- Feature Discovery, Definition, and Documentation

- Change Management with Feature Driven Software Development

- Remote Development & Distributed Teams

- Release Management / Going Gold

- 24/7 Software Development: A Silver Bullet? ** this section provides a refreshing take on Dr. Fred Brook's landmark paper **

In the book, I do mention FDD and this site, and on one of the preview pages on the website above, a link is provided to this site as well. I hope you guys can make use of the information provided. If one of you guys would like to do a review of the book and post it here for everyone else to read, I can have a complimentary copy sent to you. Just let me know.



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This will be the book you're promoting by spamming

Doesn't say a lot when you're spamming email addresses scraped from the microsoft.public groups on usenet to promote yourself.


It does look like spam doesn't it. Strange booksite. Anonymous author. Nothing at all to do with FDD. I think the placement here is attempt to use FDD popularity to draw hits to his book.

The emails were part of an em

The emails were part of an email marketing campaign using a targeted list. The letter that went out on that email was well drafted marketing copy. The message also included an opt-out feature. I do wish I had more control over the addresses on that list - but it's too late for that now. Rest assured, this issue has already been addressed & resolved. My personal apologies goes out to anyone who was offended.

My intent is to contribute information & recommendations from my experiences that could benefit members of this community. The chapter previews on the site certainly do this. If anyone feels that my post doesn't do this, then recommend/vote to have it taken off. I can respect that decision.



Dear Cheers,

I could not open the website, would you like to send a copy to me?

Thanks a lot!

PS: My email address is rocwon@gmail.com