Non-standard milestones for features ?


Did anyone use non-standard feature milestones?
I call the standard milestones those described everywhere in FDD docs:
Walkthrough (1%)
Design (40%)
Design Inspection (3%)
Coding (45%)
Code Review (10%)
Promote to build (1%)

If you ever used non-standard ones, can you publish it here along with the reasoning?


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'Non-standard' Milestones

Hi Serguei,

You may have already come across this, but while discussing FDDi some time back there was some discussion around milestones that you may find helpful.


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It's Adaptable


as I teach in the workshop, one of the ways to adapt FDD is by using your own milestones. i.e. name and number and percentages. The point of this is accurate and meaningful reporting and so whatever named milestones, in whatever numbers, that make sense for an organisation are good - if you want to adapt this part of FDD.

If you want an example I could list the UI aspect milestones that were used in the Singapore lending project - but only as an example of a different set. They are not a UI process or approach I recommend.

However, for PD and SI I do have a reliable approach I recommend and that's why FDD publishes the six milestones and suggested starting percentages that you listed.

Just to make a point, on another project the UI aspect used the same milestones as for PD.