I am looking for a brief listing of steps to be followed if I were to develop a new product using SCRUM Vs FDD. (example, Step 1: Document all your features should be documented in XYZ document Step 2: There should be a consensus meeting every morning etc). Also, are there any publicly available templates for each of these methods on top of which I could develop my own (or use as-is)?

I want to rapidly develop a product devising a method out of FDD and SCRUM and am looking for the consice information about them without a huge description.

Thank you

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Not versus

I wouldn't say "versus" I'd rather say "as compared to."

The FDD processes themselves seem to be what you're asking for.

yes, not "versus"

"compared to" - I was just looking for a comparison in order to make a choice for my new product development. I will study the FDD processes as you suggested.