How to do system tests in FDD???

For the first time our company is developing with FDD. The software should be tested by the internal software test team, because there is no real customer. The test team is used to system testing in the classical way. The plan is to develop the software in iterations, but we are not sure how we should plan the system tests.
Does somebody has a suggestion on how we should plan the system tests?

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The Same - Perhaps...

Hi Schendl,

you'd have to explain how your test team is testing now for me to be sure, but I can't think of anything about FDD that would force a change to what I consider testing "the classical way."

What FDD does is create other system test opportunities. The unit of increment to a build is a client-valued feature and this plus continuous integration means there are many more opportunities to overlap system test with development. The emphasis and head start on PD first means PD-oriented testing can get more emphasis than UI-oriented testing. Thus all sorts of tools and automation possibilities exist. There's more I could say but it's hard without knowing what it is you are doing now.