Where to learn FDD, Object Modelling and Java Programming in one batch


does anyone know a place where I can study the above subjects and can deepen my smattering knowledge in all of them.

It should be something like postgraduate studies between 6 and 12 month which I leave after that time with some certifications.

I appreciate any advice by you, if anyone knows such place, preferable the U.S.

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Your answers are fantastic.

Your answers are fantastic.

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Lack of an answer may mean there isn't one

I'm unaware of anything that will satisfy all your stated needs. I suggest you relax some of your requirements or separate them. (if you're the person that e-mailed me privately, then this answer is a dupe).

Sorry for impatience

Forgive me. The reason was that I was really disappointed to not receive one recommendation. However I'll follow your advise and separate my requirments. I am very happy to see your FDD Certification section and hope to take part in them as soon as possible.