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I've been browsing the forum recently and have found a lot of interesting discussions. However, it is a bit of a chore going through the topics on-line.

Would it be possible to have an archive of all of the forum discussions made available for download as a single document?

Sorry if this is already available and I've just missed it.


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Software does not have such a feature

The CMS package that runs this site has no such feature - sorry. Also, the forums don't contain all the content. The home page is a time ordered series of stories with discussion threads attached as well (at the bottom of the home page you'll see the links to the history). You'd need to go through both to get everything - which is close to the entire site. Note that for some time now, anything posted to a forum automatically is placed on the home page (but that wasn't the case for the first 6 months or so this site was running). Also, some comments and stories contain links to images or drawings in the gallery, etc.