Help Find Jim Gray

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Werner Vogels, CTO of, describes on his personal weblog the effort to scan satellite images for Jim Gray's missing sailboat. Jim Gray is one of the fathers of transaction processing and his contributions to science and society go well beyond this.

Despite an extensive coast guard search, no trace has been found.

Due to a wonderful collaboration between many individuals and organizations, detailed satellite imagery of his last known whereabouts has been made available. Please review the following links and do what you can to help.

Werner Vogels - Help Find Jim Gray

Werner Vogels - Jim Gray Missing At Sea

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Help find him by searching satellite imagery

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What happened finally?

Has he been found Puzzled

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Hi Darya,

no, he was not found. The search was suspended in May (I think).

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A Tribute To Honor Jim Gray at UC Berkely

Sad story

Sad story Puzzled