From FDDi: more information on "Program" and "Aspect"?

Hello all

So, I've been using FDD for about a year now, and I'm really enjoying running projects in this way. Today I dropped by to see if any new resources had been added, and noted the FDDi updated spec. After checking it out, I'm confused on how the new details (specifically Program and Aspect) fit into the scheme of things. Should these elements be broken down in the FBS? How would one go about doing this? Does anyone have any examples of how this all fits together?

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Not new but better explained


neither of these concepts are new but they were not made first-class in the early writing on FDD.

A Program is simply a collection of projects.

An Aspect is an FBS and a set of milestone descriptions. Both of these enable the FDD reporting.

A milestone description is the name of the milestone, its percentage and its order in the set of milestones. For example, in the PD Aspect of a project the 2nd milestone is called Design and its percentage is 40%.

There's some good discussion of Aspect in this thread. link. But if you se the site search feature you'll find many other threads that discuss Aspects.