What Is Agile?

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Here's a couple of related posts well worth reading.

The first by James Bach.

...Actually, I have had many clashes with people who claim to own the word agile. It’s not just Brian. But some agilists in the capital “A” camp don’t limit themselves to it. Ward Cunningham is a great example. Find Ward. Meet him. Talk to him. He gives agile methodology a good name. I have had similar positive experiences with Alastair Cockburn and Martin Fowler.

There are at least two agile software development communities, then. My community practices agile development in an open-ended way...


The second by Siddhi.

...If you are having a big discussion on the level of "is this big design up front or not?" then it's a lost cause already, because that is the wrong question. The question should be "will it help me produce working software?" and if the answer is yes, then you do it. ...