Recent Posts and Anonymous Posting

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Hi all,

we'd like to explain why sometimes (such as right now) you see lots of threads showing up under Recent Posts but when you look at the discussion thread there is no recent post. This happens when a post has been detected as spam and is automatically unpublished (and believe us, this is a GOOD thing!).

What's not so good is that the unpublished post/comment fools the Recent Posts function. I'm sure there'll be an enhancement to fix this at some point, but for now that's how it is (we rely on the CMS software that powers this site).

Also, we'll soon be switching off anonymous posting. It makes the spam floods we get that much easier and it also detracts from the value of a discussion thread. i.e. anonymous is replied to by anonymous who is then commented on by anonymous... this really diminishes the value of the threads.