Microsoft MVP Donald Belcham to Speak on Visual Studio, C# vNext, Aspect Oriented Programming, Live Mesh

Microsoft MVP Donald Belcham to Speak on Visual Studio, C# vNext, Aspect Oriented Programming, Live Mesh

Bangalore, December 1, 2008: When writing Microsoft technology-related applications to have strong separations of concerns you inevitably run across some items that, while appearing as separate concerns, do not behave in the same manner as the other concerns. Instead of interacting only with their immediate neighbors, these concerns can interact with some or all of the concerns within the application. Donald Belcham is coming back this summer to India's biggest summit for the developer ecosystem - Great Indian Developer Summit ( ) to explore crosscutting concerns, how you can use Aspect Oriented Programming to maintain good separation of concerns in your code without losing the crosscutting functionality you also require.

Microsoft MVP Donald will also conduct an early discussion of the impending changes in the upcoming version of Visual Studio and the C# language, and how they will affect your every day development work.

On April 25, Donald will conduct a 3 hour workshop about Live Mesh for creating Software as a Service (SaaS) applications -- he will detail the architecture of Live Mesh (from the developer's standpoint), how to code to interact with the framework and what possibilities there may be for application in mainstream business software.

The President of the Edmonton .NET User Group will also explore the problems encountered during the life of a project -- technical, social and management related. A battle hardened team lead who has survived trench warfare, Donald will explore the problems, solutions tried, successes and failures (there were many) that occurred along the way to help you get your project to near-utopian levels.

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Over 3000 qualified and talented delegates - Source, attended GIDS 2008: The Hindu - Monday, 26 May 2008 ( With outstanding educational sessions, powerhouse speakers, a high-profile award ceremony, GIDS 2009 will feature premium knowledge, action plans and advise from been-there-done-it veterans, creators, and visionaries.

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